Welcome! I’m Sayde (pronounced shaw-day), a Ph.D. Candidate under the advisement of Dr. Tempestt Neal in the Cyber Identity and Behavior Research (CIBeR) Lab at the University of South Florida. My research interests include behavioral analysis, human-computer interaction, and applied machine learning. I am a Florida Education Fund McKnight Dissertation Fellow, an Alfred P. Sloan Minority Ph.D. Scholar, and National GEM Consortium Fellow.

My research and experiences

Following a user-centered approach, I leverage qualitative and experimental research methods to investigate topics related to the use of artificial intelligence in mental health settings. Specifically, my Ph.D. dissertation explores the use of artificial intelligence to detect deception in topics related to one’s mental well-being. My notable research experiences outside of the academy include Ph.D. internships at the Pacific Northwest National Lab in the National Security Directorate and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the Human Health and Performance Systems Group.